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Welcome to the LUNA Trimming Beauty Salon

"LUNA" is a salon for owners and dogs in Higashimachi, Koganei, Tokyo.
LUNA is the month in Italian.
We try to keep the dog happy and trimmed in its natural environment.
From the owner's point of view, it is a space that carefully collects what you want to do as a dog.
The important thing for dogs is to utilize their characteristics without stress.
LUNA responds to the feelings of the owner and the dog, brings out the feeling of the dog and eliminates the burden of trimming.
Taking advantage of the experience cultivated over many years at the pet salon, we will provide a special time to make the owner and the dog comfortable.
We also offer a rich menu of trimmings and spas that give dogs a real refreshment.
Please spend a relaxing time.

Luna is particular about the spa for her doggie's health.
Micro bubble shower, of course, gentleness, forever. We have high-grade models such as moisturizing skin care and micro bubble bath.
As for trimming, the fluffy, natural finish that expresses the "original cuteness of dogs" is used as the cutting style.
There are individualities such as facial features, body shape, and hair quality, and after understanding the family lifestyle,
It enhances the cuteness of dogs.


Nail clippers, a nail file, ear cleaning, express the anal glands and a sole of the foot underside cut of hair clippers are included in all courses.


Option name fare
Zoic fur makeup shampoo ¥1,000
Mud shampoo ¥1,000
Design cut ¥1,000
Mustache cut ¥500
Partial cut ¥1,000
Express the anal glands ¥500
Nail clippers ¥500
Ear cleaning ¥500
3-piece set ¥1,000
Set menu fare
Design cut (pants, heart, coloring, etc.) ¥1,000
Momojiri cut ¥600
Face cut ¥1,000
dentifrice ¥500
Pad care ¥500
  • ※All prices do not include tax.
  • ※If you do not arrive even after 15 minutes delay, we will cancel.


30% off for first time customers

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042-316-4740 9:00~18:00